Golf Ballistix is the No.1 Custom Fit Golf Company in Ireland and is the European Distributor for the Luxury Golf Brand Miura.

We can build and fit any Miura Golf products to your individual needs at our Authorised P.G.A Professional Custom Fit Facility in Lisburn.

Golf Ballistix has a P.G.A Professional fitting facility equipped with the latest Golf technology.

We have a Trackman ball flight technology system in our indoor range. Trackman gathers vital Information from the Ball flight to the strike, which assists our experienced fitter to determine which combination of club head, shaft and grip will work best for you. The data acquired such as spin rates, launch angles, ball velocity, swing path and dispersion is essential when club fitting all types Golfers.

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Following recent visits to Golf Ballistix they showed once again their professionalism and top quality service. It’s not just about supplying new equipment but ensuring that the equipment you have is of a quality and fitted to the need of the individual. I always feel relaxed when visiting Golf Ballistix and assured that the advice given to me is always to my benefit.

Jonathan Hewitt
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I would just like to thank you for the fantastic job you have done with my irons and driver. The transformation in my game has been fantastic with the accuracy in my miura irons, due to the new shafts you have put in, has been immense allowing my golf to progress rapidly. I can also say the same for the new Accra shaft which you put into my driver allowing my percentage of fairways hit to go up threefold.

David Fleming

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