10 Questions to Ask Before You Getting Fitted For Your Golf Club

10 Questions to Ask Before You Getting Fitted For Your Golf Club

Getting fitted for a golf club is no more a strange concept in the golf world. Recently, it is one of the most discussed topics among golfers of different skills and experience levels. 

However, not every golfer that attempts club fitting come back to become a better player. How do I mean? I have seen some golfers who opted for club fitting and came back as ordinary intermediate golfers as they used to be. Of course, people might notice some changes in their games, but it might not be obvious enough to take them to higher performance.

10 Questions to Ask Before You Getting Fitted For Your Golf Club

Now, to the critical question; what happened? I know you are also asking the same in your mind, so let’s look at the reasons together.

Club fitters are not superhumans; they only carry out their job based on the information you provide. In that case, if there’s a flop at the end, the problem is not that you did not hire the right golf club fitter; it’s that you didn’t provide the correct information. 

If you want to have the best golf club fitting, you have to ask yourself some questions and provide honest answers before approaching a club fitting expert. I have helped you compiled seven critical questions you need to answer to get the best club fitting result truthfully. 

1. What is the weakest area of my game?

This question might sound odd and discouraging, but you need to provide the correct answer to help your fitter do the right job. It’s all about being honest and making the job easier for your fitter. 

When you truthfully identify all the areas you need to improve in your game, it becomes easier. The professional fitter will get you to the right golf club to change your game for the better. Some of the areas you need to evaluate may include your wedge play, ball striking capacities, the clubs in your bag, and more. Note that it is best if you come plainly to the fitter. 

2. How often do you practice?

Of course, I know you are playing golf to get better. So, I do not doubt how much you aspire and improve your skills. However, this question will make define how much serious you are or have been with your training. 

Besides, how often you play the game has a lot to do in determining the right golf club to serve you perfectly. Knowing about the frequency of your practice will also help the professional fitter recommend any required change, whether in your style of play or the equipment you use. 

3. On what type of golf course do you play? 

Though many golfers think this question is not essential, it is vital for the professional fitter you are working with to give you the proper recommendations. 

It is important to tell your fitter whether you play on various golf courses or always play on a particular one. Don’t undermine it. As easy as that may seem, it is worth telling your fitter.  learn more about Golf Clubs by clicking here

The demands of a typical golf course vary. Wind, layout, turf, and countless other course conditions will determine how well your golf club will work for you.

4. Do you care more about the look and feel of your current golf club?

Of course, every golfer prefers to play or carry a set of attractive-looking golf clubs in their bags. That’s good. However, the look of your golf club wouldn’t matter if it cannot improve your game. Aside from that, check carefully to know if your golf club is forgiving enough or inspire you to play confidently on the course. It is part of the questions your fitter would like to know their answer. Also, you need to tell your fitter what kind of feel you would like your golf club to produce. 

5. Do you like to hit different types of shots, or you have one particular shot?

Answering this question is essential before you approach a professional club fitter. The reason is that it can make a massive difference in the kind of irons you will walk away with at the end of the day.

Your fitter needs to know whether you like to hit different shots or you prefer to stick to a particular shot shape when you hold the golf club. It will help him or her to do a great job.

6. What is your budget?

Getting fitted for a club does not have a regular price tag. And, you need to also bear in mind that it can be costly. Yes. You need to ask yourself how much you have in your pocket before hiring the service of a professional club fitter. 

Work out on your budget and research available prices from every available fitter you know to predict how much you would need to get the job done. You can also get different reviews from past clients of other club fitters to understand how well they can deliver. 

Additionally, make sure you note the stock and after-market shafts on offer to avoid any surprises that may affect you when you want to pay.

7. What is your best shot?

It is essential to know which shot you play at the time you need it the most. How do you do that? Imagine yourself on the course. Picture it that you are looking at a hole, and you are ready to take a swing to hit your target.  

When you are in the fitting process, try to repaint the picture and release a little pressure on your shoulders. Still in your imagination, shot your shot to understand how comfortable it feels when making your best shot.

The Final Words 

Getting fit is essential to playing better golf, and it makes the whole experience of golf comfortable and fun. However, you might end up getting the least expected result if you cannot provide the correct information to the professional club fitter you hire. Providing answers to the above questions will make you less tedious and more productive for the fitter.

8 Simple Ways You Can Care for Your Golf Club

8 Simple Ways You Can Care for Your Golf Club

Whether you are on the course or off the system, the care of your golf clubs should be a significant priority for you. It is expensive to buy each golf club and depending on how you use and manage them, you may be forced to buy a new one too soon. On the other hand, if you can maintain the condition of your golf club for a reasonable length of time, you can be sure they will serve you well. 

8 Simple Ways You Can Care for Your Golf Club

There are many reasons why many people fail at taking care of one of the most essential golf equipment. But this article will not be examining those reasons. However, it will discuss some of the simple core methods you can employ to get the best out of this equipment and still maintain your game. Below are 8 simple ways of caring for your golf club, https://www.thelocalgolfer.com.au/category/golf-clubs/

Don’t put a wet golf club away that way

After closing a game and washing off your golf club, don’t be tempted to put it away while still wet. Putting out a wet golf club invites the chemical process of rusting on the metallic parts and insects on wooden stakes. Ideally, rusting happens on metals in the presence of oxygen and water kept on the surface for a reasonable amount of time. When the other components react with the iron surface, they oxidize the residual iron content. 

Always use a Golf Towel 

The golf towel is not for design and should be handy at all times. You don’t even have the branded towel for it to help clean your golf club. Just make sure it is a towel to have an absorbent quality to dry up surfaces. Again, don’t wait till the end of the whole game before cleaning your golf equipment. Occasionally, wipe the towel on your grip through the golf club head. This practice on its own can clean off any debris from the lead at the end of each round.

Store golf clubs correctly

The best place to keep your golf clubs is always indoors. They are away from various atmospheric conditions, except when you are going for a game. Otherwise, leave the golf clubs inside the house at all times. Meanwhile, don’t leave them in the trunk of your car because of the usual heat of that place. The heat melts the loose parts that are held together by glue. It may even destroy the glue that holds the club’s head together with the shaft and other components. 

Clean the golf clubs regularly between plays

Another reason why you should have a club towel with you every time is to clean the club between plays. When you play a few rounds, clean up your golf clubs from any dirt or debris that may have attached to them. Meanwhile, the actual cleaning process is straightforward, and it only requires a soft-bristled brush, soap, warm water, and a dry towel to clean the dirty clubs. Perhaps, the most critical part of the golf club is the clubhead.

Use headcovers for your Woods

Th use of headcovers is vital for these tools as they have different sensitive parts that can easily be damaged. Whereas irons may be wiped by washing and drying, the woods may require additional care types. The most important way to care for the woods is to always cover them with the designated headcovers. One outstanding advantage of protecting golf clubs’ heads is the shielding it gets from external touches scratching, and other places.

Never ignore the golf club shaft

The golf club’s shaft is the longest part of the club, and it often bears the length of hold next to the post. At times, the shaft may take dents, splits, nicks, or any error and therefore demands a carefully but thorough cleaning. The shaft of a pro golf club can also last for a reasonable length of time. On the other hand, if you are fond of banging your club on a rock or backswing off the turf of the chip shot, you may be gradually spoiling the shaft.

Inspect the grips for wear and tear.

The grip part of the golf club can also suffer wear and tear as you continue to use them. By the way, the grip is that portion of the club you hold, which requires a thorough examination. Check to see if there are any cracks, stickiness, worn-out areas, wear or tear. If any of these mentioned parts has an issue, kindly replace the grip because they may eventually affect your game and cost you more. When replacing the grip, kindly talk to a pro shop to help you fix it. 

8 Simple Ways You Can Care for Your Golf Club

Clean the grips

It is essential to clearly state here that the importance of your golf club is the importance of your club grip. You can miss a vital shot simply due to a poor grip. That is one of the reasons why it is essential. An ideal way to always care for the grip s to remove every stain regularly. The colors may include debris, dirt, seat, sand, and so on. However, as necessary as the grip is to your game, you need to make room for adjustment at some points.

Golf Clubs differ, so also do their maintenance

Golf clubs are definitely different from each other, both in shape and in use. Therefore, their specific attribute is also essential if a golfer gets any valuable thing out of this. It also depends on the time you spend or would spend on the golf course. So, learn different how to keep and maintain a driver to give it a relatively long life. A driver should not be exposed to any sunlight and demands much less attention. At the same time, if you use a clubhead that is adjustable for a low draw or fades.