Lamkin Grips

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“The key to a better game begins right at the fingertips.”

Most golfers don’t give their grips a second thought. But at Lamkin, we know that the key to a better game begins right at the fingertips. Grips are the only thing we make. And we’re committed to the never-ending task of improving a golfer’s comfort, performance, confidence and enjoyment of the game.

We research and develop our own proprietary composite materials to ensure that each grip performs to our exact specifications. We employ exclusive manufacturing processes. We utilize the latest technical advances to develop products that help both professionals and amateurs play their best. And we are trusted to make grips for some of the top name-brand club manufacturers around the world. Our family-owned business has been listening to golfers for 80 years. We understand their unique preferences and have gained invaluable insight into their expectations. But don’t take our word for it. Pick up one of our grips and you’ll see and feel firsthand our unparalleled commitment to quality, innovation and performance. I have no doubt that you’ll find yourself giving your current grips a second thought.