C-Grind Wedges


Time and Experience Lead to Refinement — and Better Golf

The Miura family’s (Katsuhiro and his sons Yoshitaka and Shinei) research for the Series 1957 C Grind wedge, like the Y Grind, included trips to North America and Europe to study a variety of playing conditions and turf structures. They understood that golfers were looking for a sand wedge with even more aggressive heel and toe relief to compliment their other Miura wedges. The challenge for the Miura family was to create a wedge which would not compromise the basic fundamentals of a high performance golf club.

The result is a wedge which balances the heel and toe relief golfers wanted, leading and trailing edge versatility golfers need, with playability in a broad range of conditions.

This “special grind” is combined with the unique characteristics that separate Miura clubs from all others. The feel and precision of the Series 1957 C wedge can’t be explained in words, it must be experienced to be understood.


55 57 59
Loft (degrees) 55 57 59
Lie (degrees) 63.5 63.5 63.5
Offset (inches) 0.35 -1.15 -1.65
Bounce Angle (degrees) 12 14 15