K-Grind Wedges


Time and Experience Lead to Refinement — and Better Golf

The international golfing press has always used the words “from the hands of god” to describe Katsuhiro Miura’s forged irons. Could it be that the inspiration for his newest wedge came from his own hands? The sole of the new k wedge is “fluted” which bears a striking resemblance to finger-tip impressions, or even human knuckles. These three channels reduce the resistance against the wedge in sand, thick rough, and even the fairway. The sole of the wedge moves with the grass instead of against it. The channels move around the sand instead of colliding with it. It allows the wedge to accelerate thru the ball with less effort in every condition to improve the odds of hitting a good shot.

  • Better results out of wet sand.
  • Reduces the odds of “catching it heavy” on long bunker shots.
  • Better acceleration on ½ and ¼ swings around the green.
  • Digs it out of deep rough.
  • Works great in normal conditions with the same feel and performance for which Miura wedges are known.


52 56 60
Loft (degrees) 52 56 60
Lie (degrees) 63.5 63.5 63.5
Offset (inches) 0.050 0.070 0.170
Bounce Angle (degrees) 7 12 13