PP 9005 Genesis


Miura Passing Point Neo PP-9005 Genesis Iron Set 5-PW – This is a new type of Iron by Miura featuring a multi piece design by using a soft forged S20C with a SUP-10 steel face combined with a deep pocket cavity aka undercut this makes for a longer and more forgiving Miura iron. The material SUP-10 improves ball velocity and speeds for more distance.

A new Accurise coating has been adopted in what Miura Giken is calling an industry first, it’s low friction in a sense making the body more smooth to break through turf more easily.

While the new Miura PP-9005 promotes forgiveness and distance and while it does have an undercut the head shape, minimal offset, and thin top line that people love Miura for has been transferred for the player who desires a more compact iron head.

Available in 5 – PW only.


#5 #6 #7 #8 #9 PW
Loft (degrees) 24 27 30 34 39 44
Lie (degrees) 60.5 61.0 61.5 62.0 62.5 63.0
Weight (for Steel) 256 263 270 277 285 293

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Miura PP 9005 – G

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Product Description

PP-9005 Genesis in order to up the further distance performance from PREMIUM model, adopted 455 Carpenter special steel to the face material.

There is a sense of play to another press the ball at impact, achieving a further distance performance in Miura best ever initial ball speed. And shape and sliding property good wide sole that was to have a moderate rounded contours compared to the PREMIUM, is a head that ingenuity is clogged felt the kindness.

Overwhelming distance performance and a wide suite area, such as the feeling of hitting, three-piece pocket cavity structure according to the composite material in pursuit of it to achieve the performance of middle seniors want at a high level.

Soft iron in the precision forging WDD Accurate Forged body with high Carpenter special steel face of the coefficient of restitution, the general common response with no feel in the pocket cavity different, you can feel the feel to push firmly on the ball.

Genesis is a head to have a moderate rounded contours that leads the surface and the surface of the head, feel the soft image. Such as sliding property good wide sole, packed with ideas to be felt gently.

Additional Information

Set Options

5 – PW

Shaft Options

Oban 173 (G), KBS Tour 90, Zelos 8, Modus Tour 105, Modus Tour 125

Flex Options

S, R


Red Standard, Black Standard, White Standard, Black Midsize