Realizing Golfers’ Dreams

“Nippon shaft is a leader in lightweight steel shafts, world-renowned for our N.S.PRO Series.
The most popular lineup in the series, N.S.PRO 950GH, has satisfied golfers since its introduction over 10 years ago. With sales exceeding 20 million, these outstanding shafts can be found in the bag of any golfer who is serious about their game.”

“Through the years, we have expanded our selection to include other lightweight and regular shafts, such as the N.S.PRO 750GH, the latter of which weighs a mere 75 grams. We also have an extensive graphite lineup, featuring N.S.PRO RIZY that adds a new level of accuracy from the fairway.”

Shafts Golf Ballistix Stock

950 series
850 series
750 series
1050/1150 series