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Services we offer using Trackman ball flight system

Here at Golf Ballistix we think technology is the way forward, and thats why we use the most technologically advanced products available to date.

Trackman™ Golf:
Using Trackman™ allows us to offer the best fitting service available. Its industry leading accuracy and easy to use interface enable us to provide a new level of service and performance to our clients. Delivering precise data without using any modelling, displaying the actual 3D trajectory in real time.

TrackMan™ measures the full trajectory of any shot, ranging from short pitches to 400-yard drives and measures the landing position with an accuracy of 1 foot at 100 yards.

To maximise their scoring potential, Touring Professionals KNOW the yardages they hit the ball with every club in the bag. This makes it much easier for them to execute their game plans and allows them to be more confident over each and every shot. Our Trackman Yardage/Club Gapping session gives you this knowledge.

Using special software in the Trackman system, you can hit ta  number of shots with every club in your bag and the trackman will give us an accurate report on the average distance you hit each club and the gap between them.This data can then be used to plan your course strategies more effectively and also identify possible issues with the lofts of your clubs.

SST Pure, the shaft alignment technology that is taking the PGA and Champions tours by storm, is now available in Ireland. The SST Pure technology optimises the structural irregularities that exist in every shaft by locating its most stable orientation in the clubhead.

The results, proven by Iron Bryon robot tests, are a 51% increase in impact repeatability on the centre of the club face and an 88% reduction in shot dispersion. If you are looking for Pure accuracy in Ireland you’ll find it at the country’s sole franchise – Golf Ballistix.

Call today for an appointment or for more details about the technology Golf International magazine voted one of the 25 most significant equipment landmarks in the history of golf.

If you’re serious about golf, hit every shot SST PURE. Like snowflakes and fingerprints, no two golf shafts are exactly the same. Every shaft contains irregularities in straightness, roundness and stiffness that are inherent to the manufacturing process. These structural inconsistencies can negatively or positively affect a shaft’s performance depending on how the shaft is aligned in the clubhead. Simply changing the orientation of a golf shaft can radically alter the way that club performs.

SST PURE is a patented process of shaft alignment that analyses a golf shaft to find its most stable orientation. Using proprietary computer software and sensitive data-acquisition sensors, the patented SST PURE Shaft Alignment System quickly locates the “neutral” plane in each shaft. By assembling the club with the shaft in the SST PURE position, off-line twisting and bending during the golf swing and at impact are greatly minimized. The SST PURE system also generates a printout for each shaft, showing its structural and performance analysis.

The Result of the SST PURE process is that players of all skill levels hit the ball longer, straighter and more uniformly consistent than before. Independent testing has established that SST PURE (an acronym for Plane of Uniform Repeatability) improves impact repeatability hits on the centre of the clubface by up to 51 percent. Only SST PURE has the ability to make every club perform like your favourite. Remember, you can’t be sure if it’s not SST Pure!

It is important to have your iron specifications checked for accurate loft and lie angles. We can set your irons to factory settings or we can adjust them to suit your accuracy and distance. Adjusting the  loft of your irons will mean they will be stronger (less loft) or weaker (more loft). Adjust the lie angle is a vital adjustment for accuracy especially in the shorter irons.

It is important that worn or shiny grips are replaced to give you the best possible control of the club. This will promote a more relaxed grip pressure giving players a free, natural release of the club and ultimately more consistency of shot. With access to Pure grips and Golf Pride grips, your clubs can be personalised with texture, material and colour options but most importantly the correct size!

Most clubs can be reshafted to help with the flight and accuracy and distance, all the major shaft companies offer a wide range of graphite and steel shafts, we need to get readings from our trackman before we calculate the best shaft combination for your woods and irons. Our current stock shaft for woods is OBAN you see the specification in the following link, we can also match the OBAN range of shafts to other shaft companies.

This is a process that uses a specialised gun to inject hot resin into a wood head. This allows us to weight the heads internally for the purpose of increasing head weight to achieve certain specifications without the need for adhesive lead tape.

By positioning the weight in the heel or the toe side of the head it can be made slightly more draw or fade biased depending on your requirements.

NB – this is not a reversible process and the sound/feel off the club head may be affected.

Custom Club Stamping is a great way of personalising your clubs to give them that extra-special touch, and at Golf ballistix we can stamp almost any word or phrase you might like.

We might conclude that your current equipment is sufficiently well set-up for your purposes, or at least in terms of a cost/benefit analysis with respect to your budget.

 In many cases, we recommend merely moderate fine-tuning to achieve some incremental benefit. Such advice might range from a change in grip size or texture, and a re-calibration of swingweight or loft and lie angles, through to SST shaft ‘Pureing’ to ensure each individual shaft is optimally aligned in its respective clubhead. In any case we can part or completely rebuild a golf club to your specific needs

Miura and Edel Putter systems