Custom Fitting

Miura Club Personal Custom fitting process

Everyone’s golf swing is different so it makes sense to adjust golf clubs to suit the individual.

Custom fitting is the process for tailoring a golf club to suit your personal swing.

A consultation with Golfballistix Miura’s European Distributor, equipped with the latest swing analysis and club building technology, will confirm what serious players have known all along. Just as your golf swing is as unique as your matched to your personal swing profile in order to achieve the optimal result

Give us a call on 02892628705 to book a time suitable for the fitting, we will also discuss what the fitting entails and what you need to bring with you. Alternatively you can e-mail your requests.

Miura wood, iron and wedges fitting sessions – lasting anything from 2-3 three hours – follow the same format, starting with an in-depth, one-to-one consultation on all the relevant areas of your game. This would include your goals and priorities, any injuries or other physical limitations. 

The process crucially includes a detailed analysis of your existing golf clubs: which includes heads, shafts and grips. This will determine, firstly, whether the set itself is consistent throughout in terms of the various specifications such as swingweight, loft and lie and flex 

This static data is, in turn, essential to any assessment of how suited your current clubs are to delivering the best performance for your swing potential.

The performance of your existing clubs (and any new clubs or components, as necessary) is monitored by our TrackMan Pro units which monitor each golfer’s launch conditions and ball flight.

This yields a full spectrum of data on speed, spin, trajectory as well as clubhead path and angle of attack, with clear graphical depiction of the resulting implied distance and dispersion calculations for every shot. 

This allows for an immediate technical comparison of how each club is performing, dynamically, in response to your swing, as well as the efficiency of the head and shaft in translating clubhead speed into the ball speed that so helps to define distance.

In keeping with the personal approach at every stage of our service, our recommendations depend entirely on the result of this in-depth analysis  from Trackman which, as stressed earlier, includes your priorities, goals and budget.

More substantial changes may take the form of re-shafting one or more clubs, whether to enhance performance, playability or feel. Similarly, we may suggest that a change in heads, or ultimately a complete set of clubs, may be the most appropriate way to improve or optimise your game.

Whichever Miura model is ultimately chosen, our approach to club building is the same. Each element of the set is individually tailored to your recommended specifications and meticulously checked in every detail from the initial digital analysis of every component to the final loft-and-lie check.

In this way we highlight the skill involved in hand-crafting every individual golf club that leaves our workshop. Once the club is re checked on Trackman we sometimes allow the customer to take the demo away where they can try it at their own Golf Club to further insure that they are making the correct choices

To have a satisfied customer.

Our goal is simply to improve every client’s Golf game that walks in through the door of Golfballistix and in turn they get more enjoyment from the game and hopefully reduce their handicap