If you’re looking to make money with NFT games

If you’re looking to make money with NFT games

If you want to generate money with NFT games, we have some pointers that will help you get started. You’ll discover practical suggestions below that you may use right now. Read on.

NFT Trading

Buying and selling NFTs is referred to as trading. It may seem as simple as “buy cheap, sell high,” but making money in blockchain gaming needs knowledge, patience, and even a significant upfront commitment.

In crypto NFT games, NFTs are crucial since many players are ready to pay for the goods they need to proceed. If you get your hands on a rare and strong nine chronicles, for example, you may be able to sell it on the secondary market for a profit.

Almost every blockchain game, including Splinterlands, Axie Infinity, CryptoBlades, Pegaxy, The Sandbox, and others, has its own market with transferable NFT assets.

What you’ll need: An account, a blockchain game of your choosing, the needed cryptocurrency, and a digital wallet.

Where to begin: Learning what makes NFTs lucrative in the blockchain game you want to trade in is a smart beginning to start trading NFTs. What makes an NFT valuable varies according on the game, including rarity, abilities, usefulness, qualities, and more. After that, you may begin collecting, purchasing, and selling in the hopes of making money.

How much money can I earn: Remember that purchasing and selling NFTs comes with gas costs, and there’s no assurance that an NFT you acquire will rise in value. The amount you receive is determined by the value of the NFT, the game’s in-game currency, and the game’s current popularity.

Competitions and Events

Special events and competitions are available in certain MMO NFT games, allowing players to gain unique benefits for participation.

Multiple tournaments are available on the Arc8 gaming platform, a mobile app with 11 distinct crypto NFT games. Players pay an entrance fee to enter a tournament, and the winner takes home the prize pool. Boss Raids are exceptional events in CryptoBlades where players may work together to defeat enemies and win special prizes.

What you’ll require: A blockchain game of your choosing, as well as an account, bitcoin, and a digital wallet.

Where to begin: Create an account with your preferred blockchain game, then keep a look out for special events through newsletters, Discord servers, Reddit, and other social media sites. These competitions may need good equipment and considerable expertise, therefore practice before participating is advised.

How much money can I earn: The prizes differ according on the game you’re playing. In tournaments, there is normally an entrance fee – in this instance, crypto — and the larger the purse, the more participants participate. Tournament prizes in Arc8 range from $8 to $500, depending on the day, the number of players that join, the value of the in-game money, and the game level.

If you’re looking to make money with NFT games

Virtual properties

Metaverse properties are virtual real estate or virtual reality plots. Many crypto NFT games let players to purchase, trade, and construct virtual property. NFTs, which are often ERC tokens, are virtual properties.

Upland, Decentraland, and The Sandbox are three popular metaverse NFT games that use NFT parcels. Buying and selling virtual plots, developing 3D structures that will become practical enterprises, and accumulating properties to make passive revenue are all part of the Upland real estate blockchain game. Multiple cities, including San Francisco, Detroit, and New York City, are up and running for users to explore, purchase, and build on in Upland’s metaverse.

A virtual parcel’s qualities are connected to its value in metaverse NFT games. A property close to a piece owned by a celebrity, for example, is likely to be more valued. A home near a prominent location, for example, may be in great demand. A parcel’s size, history of ownership, and attributes all contribute to its worth.

What you’ll require: A blockchain game of your choosing, as well as an account, bitcoin, and a digital wallet.

Where to begin: Begin by learning how to value a package in the game you’re playing. Properties near roadways are more valuable in Axie Infinity’s metaverse. Properties having a high monetary worth in real life might have a bigger monetary value in Upland.

How much money can I earn: The amount of money you can earn by exchanging virtual packages is variable. Your gains, like those from trading gaming NFTs, are determined by your purchase price and how much it increases over time. Players may develop play-to-earn NFT games or attractions on parcels in various metaverse NFT games, charge admission fees, and make money.

If you’re looking to make money with NFT games


Twitch and YouTube are two popular gamer streaming services, while Twitch is more geared toward gamers. Though the industry is crowded, being a streamer may be a serious job.

Subscriptions are the primary source of revenue for Twitch broadcasters. Subscription prices are chosen by the streamer, and many additionally take contributions to keep the show going. Subscribers may have access to special material as well as other benefits. Advertisements, sponsorships, and views are the primary sources of money for YouTubers, who may also take contributions from subscribers.

Many blockchain gaming streams concentrate on the financial aspect of crypto gaming, including tips on how to make money, walkthroughs of blockchain NFT games, and hilarious moments while playing. Crypto Gamers, Go Shiny Hunter, and On Chain Gaming are three prominent blockchain gaming channels.

What you’ll require: A streaming setup (camera, PC, platform account, microphone, headset, and soundboard), bitcoin, and a digital wallet are all required.

Where to begin: Learning how blockchain NFT games work and exploring new crypto NFT games and talking topics for your broadcasts are smart places to start for beginning crypto broadcasters. Many crypto influencers use YouTube, Twitter, Discord, and Twitch as their platforms of choice. Creating social media accounts for your business, investing in a good setup, and concentrating on a target demographic may all help you figure out where your material should go.

How much money can I earn: It might take a long time to see earnings or even get subscribers if you’re new to streaming. According to Business of Apps, expert Twitch broadcasters may make anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 per month, but it might take a long time to see consistent money when you’re just starting out.

If you’re looking to make money with NFT games


This way of making money isn’t for everyone, but it’s worth discussing.

You may be familiar with Bitcoin mining. When hardware “mines” new coins, they are placed into circulation. The mining phase in blockchain gaming usually starts right after a new game is released. Miners begin the process of circulating the new game’s money, allowing it to be utilized in the game. In cryptography, mining refers to the process of using hardware to solve difficult arithmetic problems in order to generate the next block. It’s an expensive and time-consuming procedure.

Remember that mining bitcoin puts a lot of strain on your graphics processor (GPU). This method of generating money is often reserved for those with powerful computers capable of handling the complex process of mining coins, as well as those with the financial means to invest in a mining setup.

What you’ll require: If you intend to mine alone, you’ll need a strong PC, a crypto wallet, and mining gear or rigs, as well as maybe a mining pool.

Where to begin: Consider the cost of your computer, gear, power, rig, and mining software. You may begin mining after you’ve completed the setup and installed the mining program.

How much money can I earn: A miner’s earnings are determined by how much they invest in this setup from the start if they don’t already have it – a professional mining rig may cost up to $15,000. Mined currencies are taxed, the coin’s worth isn’t guaranteed once you’ve mined it, and mining pool incentives fluctuate. Mined coins, on the other hand, may be sold or put into pools to generate passive revenue.

Looking at NFT games from a broader perspective

Looking at NFT games from a broader perspective

“Play-to-earn” is the premise behind nft games. It implies that players may get and sell awards for their gaming accomplishments. But what is the reasoning behind the play-to-earn strategy? What are the nft games, exactly?

We attempted to provide a brief introduction of this idea in this post and explain why it is logical and lucrative to play nft games.

NFTs: A quick overview of this technology

Understanding cryptocurrency and blockchain may help you comprehend NFT. NFTs are blockchain-based digital assets that may be utilized in games as characters, consumables, and other forms of transaction. NFTs are not interchangeable: each token is unique and cannot be replaced with another in exactly the same way.

In contrast to many multiplayer video games, nft games allow players to really own in-game items such as skins and weaponry. Blockchain technologies and an NFT-based in-game economy make this feasible. This is because NFT allows for the creation of digital assets with varying rarities inside games. As a consequence, certain NFTs are seen as more costly than others.

There are several sorts of nft games. Mobile games may be played on mobile devices, but there are also games that can be played on a computer or as a web application. Sorare, in particular, has just made a huge statement with a significant investment. CryptoKitties was one of the earliest crypto games. It was even possible to gather digital pets in this game. Doesn’t it sound fantastic? You can make money while doing something enjoyable.

Why should I put my money into NFT Games?

An NFT game not only provides entertainment and happy feelings, but it is also a unique and contemporary investment. It might be seen as a viable alternative to standard savings methods.

To be clear, you should purchase an asset in a game and then sell it at a greater price later. However, keep in mind that in nft games, players may not only spend their money in the acquisition of assets, but they can also start from zero and grow their character by doing different acts. Furthermore, practically every NFT game features elements that enable you to gain extras, such as token draws inside the game and contests that might award you money.

Several uses of NFT have been found in the gaming sector in recent years. The most recent development is nft games, or play-to-earn nft games, which are causing the NFT gaming business to explode!

In the game-fi world, nft games have grown popular, opening the path for money. You may sell your NFTs in-game to other collectors and gamers, or use play-to-earn models to gain tokens. You don’t have to depend on luck to win, locate, or breed a rare collectible worth thousands of dollars. Aside from collectible animals, players may also experiment with a variety of game models in different themes.

Looking at NFT games from a broader perspective

What are the Gaming Applications of NFT?

The goal of NFTs in gaming is to provide players with value by giving them ownership rights over their in-game components and giving the game a real-life feel and worth.

NFT Games are similar to any other online game that can be played on any device or computer. In a traditional game, players gain cash and ornamental things by reaching certain game milestones. However, outside of the game world, they do not possess these commodities.

In NFT Gaming, players may transfer their profits to another game or swap them for bitcoin with any other player. The flow of money in the global gaming business is unidirectional, benefitting mostly game producers and perpetuating itself, while in conventional gaming systems, players spend extensively but have little or limited opportunities to earn value for themselves.

NFT games, which are usually provided via dApps, are distinct in that they concentrate on providing value to users. If a player improves his armor by in-game purchase in a typical game, the implications are essentially restricted to increasing the gaming experience for easy victory. The same armor may be tokenized and converted into an NFT in NFT-based games.

This one-of-a-kind transferrable item may be traded and provides advantages across several games. Players will continue to embrace blockchain games, which are powered by NFTs and digital collectibles and provide a completely new, fully immersive gaming experience.

Because NFTs are unique, verifiable, and immutable, they may be used in a variety of gaming scenarios and retain their worth after the game has ended. As a result, NFTs have the potential to significantly expand gaming economies, lead to the creation of new games, and generate new game categories.

Looking at NFT games from a broader perspective

What Can NFT Gaming Do to Change the Gaming Experience?

Asset Ownership and Control in-game

In gaming, NFTs allow the player to own and manage all game collectibles and objects, as opposed to the standard gaming system, which merely allows you to see your game assets. Each object will have a unique identity that will be tied to your account for as long as you possess it, allowing players to keep their assets safely without fear of theft, and gaming collectibles will not be lost even if the game is shut down.

Scarcity with Proof

Collectors respect uniqueness and authenticity, as well as the scarcity of in-game NFT purchases, thanks to the unchangeable records inherent in an NFT’s underlying blockchain network. A maker, for example, may programmatically limit the quantity of unusual things that can be manufactured while keeping the supply of more popular goods unrestricted. Developers should guarantee that fundamental attributes do not change over time by encoding them on-chain. This is particularly intriguing in the context of art, where the verifiable scarcity of an original piece is crucial.


In contrast to conventional online games, which are hosted on centralized servers, decentralized games are hosted on separate blockchains that serve as the backing architecture for other networked games. As a consequence, game assets represented by NFTs may be built to work in a variety of contexts. Two games created on the Ethereum network, for example, might potentially share in-game assets such as cars, armor, or even complete characters.


As a result, the notion of NFTs is unique; they are more difficult to comprehend than cryptocurrencies and cannot be linked to stakes or betting chances. In any case, NFTs offer enormous promise in the fields of art, business, and gaming. Even if you’ve never heard of nft games before, you may give them a try for entertainment and to accomplish something that can be financially lucrative. The tradable cards or avatars that you acquire may rise in value, making them a kind of investment product.

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